Win Real Cash Playing Online

As a Canadian, you love the thrill of adventure and the anticipation of taking a risk. If you want to earn real cash, don't sit back and do nothing about it. In fact, there is something you can do from the comfort of your home - playing at online casinos.

Which is the Best Online Casino Bonus?

You may have heard that casinos only want your money, and it's true, they know how to make money. But that being said, they can be generous too - they want their customers to have fun. Here's a list of the best online casino bonuses.

  • Free Play - When you receive a free play bonus, that usually means one of two things. Either you get to play one game for free, like a round of blackjack, or you get a certain amount of free play time, say an hour of playing what you like. Both of these options are great, as they are a gift to you, but the best is when you can play whatever you like. This will allow you to get to know the site and try out which games you'd like to play for real cash.
  • Free Spins - When you get a free spin bonus you can make those reels purr all while keeping your nickels in your pockets. At times you will be rewarded with a certain amount of spins on one slot machine, but other times you will be free to use your spins wherever you like.
  • Free Cash - Free cash is usually given in the form of casino credit - it's not like you can just put it in your pocket and use it to buy Timmies later. However, you can use that house money to make yourself some real cash by wagering it on the games you like to play.

While you absolutely can use online casino bonuses to make real cash, be aware of each casino's rules and regulations. If there's a wagering requirement, you may be forced to bet whatever money you won with the bonus a certain number of times before cashing out. For example, if you win $5 from your free spin on a slot machine, you might have to wager it 10 times (i.e. $50) before you can cash out. Also, know that not all games count the same towards fulfillment. For example, 100% of your bet in slots might go towards the requirements but other games, like roulette, might only count for 10%.

When it comes time to cash out the real money you won with your bonus, there may be stipulations as well. Some online casinos don't allow you to cash out the bonus cash at all so that it would be added to your deposit amount for instance, or there may be a withdrawal limit. There may also be time restrictions, like having to wait 48 hours before making a withdrawal.

Recommended Game Software Platforms

What is an online casino without gaming software? The software engineers make the magic happen, and you will find that there are a few main platforms that make the rounds across the spectrum of sites, so if you get to know a game that you like, chances are you will find it on other websites as well.

  • Microgaming - Microgaming is the original online casino software platform. Always innovating, they are constantly on the top of everyone's list. If it's progressive jackpots that you're after, Microgaming boasts an impressive network.
  • Playtech - Playtech is another of the giants in the industry, but that doesn't mean they have decided to sit back and coast. With major licensing contracts for such recognizable franchises as Marvel, they are out to give you, the player, a good time.
  • Betsoft - Although Betsoft may be new(ish), they can hold their own playing with the big boys. Having specialized in 3D slots, they entice players with their flashy graphics and neat storylines.

Of course, there are countless others as well that make fantastic games and design beautiful and reliable platforms for casinos.

The House Edge - Slots vs. Table Games

If you are going to hazard your money, you may as well be informed. This is true nowhere more than the topic of house edge. You know that online casinos make money (how else could they stay afloat) but do you know where they really rake it in? That's where knowing the house advantage for each game comes in handy. Just so you know, the higher the percentage, the better for the casino.

  • Slots - While it is difficult to tell with slots what exactly the house edge is, especially since many online casinos don't like to share stats on individual games, the standard percentage is a range of 2-15%. The variance comes from the paylines. When you only play on half the paylines, for example, you've cut your chances of winning in half. You will usually get the RTP (return to player) stipulated which often hovers around 97% but not all slots are equal.
  • Table Games - There is some deviation in house edge for table games as well, but the general rule of thumb for games like craps, blackjack, roulette, and Caribbean stud poker is 1-5%. Craps and Caribbean stud poker are generally on the higher end (5%), while games like roulette (the European, single zero version) and blackjack have a lower house edge (1%). If winning real cash is what you're after, then your best bet is to stick to the blackjack table and keep away from the online casino slots.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, when it comes to using your bonus you may only be able to use it for some games, or have 100% of the wagering requirements count towards slots with only 10% counting towards table games like blackjack so keep that in mind when playing with free money. When you play with your own money, then all bets are off so to speak - or limits rather.

Recommended Canadian Casino Banking Methods

Now that you have an idea of what to play, where to play, and which bonuses to take advantage of, you can start thinking about depositing those real cash winnings into your bank account.

  • Credit and Debit Cards - If you don't mind reaching into your wallet and getting out a physical card, entering all the digits, and filling out a billing address, then you will be fine with using your plastic, as most online casinos accept cards as methods of payment.
  • Bank Transfers - However, if you've ever sent or received an Interac e-Transfer, you know just how easy it is to do. You will still need to fill some info out initially, but this usually saves the step of having to find your wallet at least.
  • Electronic Wallet Services - Lastly, you can use most popular electronic wallet services such as PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller. These are quick and easy to use, especially if you are gambling from your personal computer or phone because your password and login details are probably already saved.

You can win real cash enjoyably and responsibly at online casinos. Just find the ones that float your boat, be smart with how and what you play, and don't be afraid of a little adventure.

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