How to Avoid Casino Fees Online

How to Avoid Casino Fees

Online casino gambling is fun. Many players like to try out the free demos before getting to the real stuff and playing for real money. It's mind-boggling to make huge winnings playing at an online casino. Gamblers always dream of beating the house and taking home the jackpot. They don't bother to think about the casino fees that may be charged on such winnings. A savvy online punter knows to find out about all the expenses they are likely to incur when making a withdrawal.

Gamble using the Canadian Dollar

Online casinos welcome players from all across the globe. Players from different parts of the world have to change currencies to play at online casinos in Canada. Much to their advantage, Canadian players usually don't have to worry about currency issues as the Canadian dollar is used in many online casinos. Read through the payments section of the casino's terms and conditions. Find out what policy the casino uses to process your deposit or withdrawal. Here you can find out a lot about the payment methods used and any hidden fees the casino is expecting you to miss.

How to Avoid Casino Fees

Exchange Rate Casino Fees

In case you choose to play for real money at an online casino that won't let you pay in Canadian dollars, you will have to incur exchange rate fees. Additionally, you are subject to an uncertain valuation of your currency, which depends on the current exchange rate. The CAD tends to have a floating value when pitted against other major currencies. In the past six years, the Canadian dollar has dropped its value against the US dollar by 10%.

It is inadvisable to use your debit or credit card to make payments at an online casino if it does not accept Canadian dollars. You will be saving yourself some money by avoiding the exorbitant exchange rates charged on your card. The card issuer sets the fees charged for converting currency and may overcharge.

Use your E-wallet to Avoid Casino Fees

E-wallets are a fast and convenient option for online payments of all kinds. Aside from quick processing times and the convenience of using the same payment account at virtually every online store, you also have to think about security. Payment methods such as Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller use high tech security protocols to protect their customers' information.


How to Avoid Casino Fees

Using cryptocurrency is the surest way to do away with transaction fees and exchange rates. Payments made through Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies do not attract any processing fees. You can move money from your cryptocurrency wallet to your account at the casino in a matter of minutes and without charges.

With dubious online casinos on the rise, it is prudent to find out more about the casino you choose. Canadian players have plenty of choices for casinos that accept Canadian dollars. Players should play at a casino that accepts the currency to avoid hidden fees. Players that use cryptocurrency only need to find a casino that accepts this form of payment to make deposits and withdrawals without incurring any costs.