Casino Apps

Mobile Casino Apps

Mobiles are almost universal, and using them for gambling offers unprecedented convenience. As such, you might be interested in mobile casino apps, and we've put together a quick summary to help you out.

Rise of the Casino App

A combination of rising computing power and ownership of high end smartphones has helped to foster a market for casino apps. The new devices are capable of handling more than older phones, and are incredibly convenient for gaming on the go. Whilst coverage of games isn't quite 100%, it's still very broad, and a great many casinos now have apps.

Mobile Casino Apps

Android and iOS

Because of their huge market share, you will probably find it easier to get the casino apps you want on Android and iOS (Apple) devices. Software developers naturally gravitate to the most common systems. This means that the odds are very good a major casino you look at will have an option for an Android and/or iOS casino app.

Windows and BlackBerry

Windows has one major advantage over the others, namely that the software is from the same stable as PC software. In other words, when a phone using Windows accesses a casino it can do so just like a PC. An app isn't actually needed, and you get to play the full range of games on offer. The downside, more for BlackBerry than Windows, is that it's a bit more unlikely that a casino will provide an app for that operating system. Casinos are keen to be available to the maximum number of potential gamblers, so expansion may be expected, but for now the apps coverage for Windows and BlackBerry is less than that of Android and iOS.

Mobile Casino Apps

Pros and Cons of Casino Apps

The single biggest advantage of mobile gambling is that you can carry your mobile anywhere. However, whilst a desktop is rather less handy, it will offer a comprehensive suite of gaming options. Apps, by contrast, don't always have every game available. Apps do, however, enable gamblers to play casino games without needing to use a browser, another mark of convenience in their favor. It's also worth mentioning that mobile gamers have other options. There are tablets as well as mobile phones, and there are also plenty of mobile casino sites as well as apps.

Bonuses also apply to apps, and you may have a chance of receiving a welcome bonus even if you've already got an account with the casino. The reasoning behind this is that gamblers with an app are more likely to stick with a specific casino for the sake of convenience. In terms of security, apps are neither more nor less secure than traditional websites.

Whether a casino app is worthwhile depends a lot on how you like to gamble (and whether you have a mobile!). As with all downloading, do check to ensure that any app you consider is well-reviewed and reputable.